Why Experience Matters

Every surgeon has to start somewhere, but do you want yours to be their first operation?  Probably not. The same goes for finding a lawyer.  It may not always be be the difference between life and death, but experience matters, especially if the issue concerns something as important as your career, your  livelihood, the well-being of your family or the security of your business. Nearly every case is different, with a unique set of facts and circumstances, but the more experienced a lawyer is in a particular practice area, the … Read more

How to Choose Your Lawyer

Husband and wife, doctor and patient, priest and penitent ... attorney and client. The law recognizes only a handful of relationships in which communications may remain confidential.  The law allows this confidentiality or "privilege" because it recognizes that communications in such relationships must be made with complete trust. That's what the relationship is about-- it's about trust, trust that your lawyer is looking out for your best interests. So how do you find the right lawyer for you or the right lawyer for your particular … Read more

What is Employment Law?

Laws evolve to regulate human interaction. And because most of us spend more than half our waking hours on the job, it shouldn't be surprising that a large body of law has developed to regulate our relationships at work, including relationships with co-workers, employers and even outside vendors. Employment law is about more than just hiring and firing employees, though, it's about salary and benefits, overtime and minimum wages; it's about discrimination and harassment, and about competition and contract interpretation.  It's why … Read more

Estate Planning and Significant Others

For anyone in an unmarried partnership, it is important to have an estate plan in order to avoid disinheriting your partner. If you do not have an appropriate plan in place, Arizona law will take over, your assets could be tied up in a potentially lengthy and expensive probate process, and ultimately distributed according to a state-run system which may not reflect your intent. The good news is that with our help, you can avoid probate. A living trust is a good way to avoid probate while still ensuring the transfer of your assets to … Read more

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