Commercial Litigation

Laws and contracts are created to regulate our daily interactions with one another. When controversies and disputes arise between individuals or businesses, we look to the contracts and laws that govern our behavior to determine who’s right and who’s wrong. In some instances, the parties’ rights may be obvious, and reasonable people can agree on how to properly resolve their differences. But in many instances, right or wrong is not so clear and the parties may therefore be unwilling or unable to reach a compromise resolution. In such cases a neutral party may be necessary to resolve those disputes.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals and businesses involved in such disputes. We understand the many ways our system attempts to resolve conflict whether it be through litigation in our courts; through the use of a neutral, private arbitrator; or through the more informal use of a private mediator who can hear both sides objectively and try to persuade the parties to agree on a compromise.

Regardless of the forum, our attorneys are experienced in developing and presenting a client’s position in a logical and persuasive way, and because we’re sensitive to the financial and emotional costs that disputes can create, we work with our clients to find creative and economical solutions where possible. If you’re involved in a commercial or personal dispute, or if you think one may be on the horizon and you want to discuss ways to avoid or minimize the toll it may take, one of our commercial litigation lawyers would be pleased to speak with you.

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